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1/35 waffle,only 35 tickets available, but no limit on purchase amount, once the 35 are sold thats all and the raffle will be pulled by a random selection genorator. 

The Putnik is the perfect suppressor for your modern AK. Designed to be as true to Russian design as possible, while incorporating the best baffle technology.

The Putnik features the same Patent Pending baffle technology as our Jolene line of suppressors, and also has something unique. This suppressor features a Tri-axial flow through design that results in a very low backpressure suppressor compared to the competition.

We understand the concerns in the AK platform, as far as non concentric threads and loose tolerances. With this in mind we decided to do a progressive bore on the Putnik. This is not a sure fix, as each firearm will be different, inspect bore clearance with an alignment rod prior to use.

Barrel Restrictions

14.5” – .308, 6.5 Creedmoor
8”” – 5.45×39, 5.56, 7.62×39, 300BLK

*Contact Resilient Suppressors if your caliber is not specified.

Length (without mount) – 5.86”

Weight (without mount) –

Diameter – 2.365

Coating – High Temp Cerakote (C-Series)

24×1.5mm Direct thread

1.375×24 HUB Threads


Putnik Suppressor
User Manual
RS Sticker