1/50 Waffle Inert Haze ONE + tax stamp

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1/50 waffle,only 50 tickets available, but no limit on purchase amount, once the 50 are sold thats all and the raffle will be pulled by a random selection genorator. 



The one can you really need

The ONE was designed for pcc/subgun use but to still be hearing safe on most rifle calibers. It does awesome on direct blowback, roller delayed, and gas actions.

The make up on the one is all 6al4v titanium including both 1/2-28 and 5/8-24 direct thread mounts that come with the can. CNC laser welded. Diamond like carbon (DLC) on the outside for exceptional wear resistance and S-line on the inside that is a dry film lubricant to help with carbon fouling and ease of cleaning.

5.25″ long

It weighs 6.5oz with out the mount.

7.5oz with the mount

Both included mounts are also dlc coated.

Barrel Rating/restrictions:

9mm full auto any barrel length

357mag/38spl any barrel length

300blk full auto subs 8″ barrel

Bolt Action firing schedule, Must keep under 800 degrees farenhieght

223/556 over 16″

243/6arc/6creed over 16″

6.5creed over 18″

6.5prc over 22″

270win over 22”

308 over 18″

300blk supers over 12.5″

300winmag over 24″

8.6blk subs over 8″

8.6blk supers over 16″