1/100 Waffle for UPPER DEA Carbine + stamps (Upper only)

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Limited entry WAFFLE 100 entries only, will draw when all are sold. This Comes with $200 cash for the tax stamps, This is a 1 stamp item and all nfa rules apply. This is for a waffle entry only, no physical item will be sent for a place holder. The drawing will be done using a random genorator, there is no limit on entries purchased, but only 100 availible. Your name will go in as many times as you purchace a chance. 


In 1984 the DEA had a team, Clandestine Laboratory Enforcement Team (CLET), I don't know how long they lasted but at that time knights Armament Company Built an SD suppressed a1 slick side, that contained all of its barrel and suppressor portion under an A2 rifle length drop in handguard. The firearm was called the Colt Model 635sd, nicknamed the DEA Carbine. Some claim there is maybe 25 of them made, many claim to have one, the variations of them are interesting in that some have a1 grips some a2, some a1 delta rings some a2, alot of little things, almowt like they slammed these things together from what they had laying around a 1984 KAC shop. Few have cloned it in different ways including John Norrell, Kevin Brittingham from AAC and gemtech. Well, we, Brad From Inert Haze and My self, took it apon ourselves to do it again, but this time a production version. The clone correct folks will not quite say it's a clone, but in 2023 it's pretty impossible to find production levels of colt parts at a price that wouldn't make this thing completely out of reach for most. The cost to make this thing already exceeded our expectations. So here, I present the uncoated almost finished original prototype of the Shelton Precision/Inert Haze DEA Carbine. We tried our best to make it externally as close in appearance as possible, even the end cap will get 2 screws. 


Item will be delivered in the order of manufacturing in line with current and future orders, When the Waffle is done it will be placed in position (to be fair for current and future customers)